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  • Hoof Repair Wax
    Hoof Repair Wax

    Wax for deep holes in the hoof

    External care product

    Content about 65 grams

    The Unique-horn Hoof Repair Wax is extremely suitable for filling deep holes in the hoof wall, for example through nail holes, open cracked hoof ulcers…

    € 14,95
  • Natural Hoof Clay 600mg
    Natural Hoof Clay 600mg

    UNIQUE-HORN NATURAL HOOF CLAY ( Google translate )

    The clay is a fantastic natural care product to use for various hoof problems and to prevent this. The great advantage of the clay compared to many other products is that the…

    € 22,95
  • Unique Horn - HPE 50ml
    Unique Horn - HPE 50ml
    € 24,95
  • Silver Hoof Liquid
    Silver Hoof Liquid

    UNIQUE-HORN SILVER HOOF LIQUID ( Google translate )

    The liquid is easy and very economical to use. The high-quality ingredients make this product very effective in the fight against unhealthy and weak rays and white lines.…

    € 19,95
  • Unique-horn Silver Hoof Balls ca 100pc
  • Magic Hoof Powder
    Magic Hoof Powder

    UNIQUE-HORN MAGIC HOOF POWDER ( google translate )

    With its unique composition, the powder is THE solution for moisture-related hoof problems such as smelly, wet and soft rays, but also too soft soles and white lines. Tackling a…

    € 19,95
  • Unique-horn Herbal Skin Balm 250ml
  • HC7  500mlHoof Cleaning Spray
    HC7 500mlHoof Cleaning Spray

    New! Unique-horn HC7

    Dirt, bacteria and fungi from manure, urine and, for example, muddy housing increase the risk of the development of thrush and fungal infections. The deep cleansing effect of HC7 helps to protect the hoof…

    € 19,95

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