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 The liquid is easy and very economical to use.  The high-quality ingredients make this product very effective in the fight against unhealthy and weak rays and white lines.  Unhealthy rays and white lines mean an attack on overall hoof health and have an impact on the functionality of the hoof and the running behavior and walking comfort of the horse.  Rock ray and fungi in the white line can have such consequences that the horse can start to walk sensitive, stiff, short or even lame.

 Preservation and recovery of hoof health.
 Support of strong jet & good white line.
 With horses, ponies and donkeys
 External care product

 Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid has been specially developed to support the treatment of an unhealthy ray and problems in the white line of the horse's hoof.  Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid can also be used to support good hoof health.
 Shake well before use.
 Thoroughly clean and dry the hoof.  Then apply a small amount of Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid to the underside of the hoof and rub it well with a brush.  Repeat daily for serious problems.
 For a deep jet infection of the middle jet groove: soak cotton wool or a sterile gauze in Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid and push it deep into the middle jet groove.  Refresh daily.
 When using Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid for hoof maintenance, it is sufficient to apply the liquid to the clean, dry hoof twice a week. Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid is extremely suitable for use in combination with the Unique-horn Natural Clay.  use.
 Demi water, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, emulsifier, colloidal silver, propolist tincture, a unique composition of three essential oils.
 Keep out of reach of children.  Keep the sealed vial in a dry place at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.  Avoid contact with eyes.

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