OKOS Hoofcare instrument 2mm Stainless steel


A brand new handy tool for cleaning out white line disease and small hoof cracks. Tiny stones and dirt will gather up in these weaker spots and work their way up under the hoof wall, bringing along the invasion of bacteria and/or fungi to cause subsequent destruction of inner hoof wall keratin. Cleaning affected areas with the ‘OKOS hoofcare instrument’ before applying any form of topical treatment will enhance the recovery, and prevent minor infections to become chronical. The ‘OKOS hoofcare instrument’ can be used for investigation and cleaning out thrush in the frog as well. Small grooves in frogs can hide thrush deep inside so these thrush infections can go on unattended. The ‘OKOS hoofcare instrument’ is easy to disinfect, another great feature of this tool.



The Precision Pick will help you determine if there is excess hoof growth during regular maintenance care. For those that are in the process of rehabilitation, you will easily be able to keep a log of precise hoof growth measurements to track your horse’s hoof structural changes and progress!

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