TUBBEASE hoof sock/soaking boot

TUBBEASE hoof sock/soaking boot. Available in 4 sizes (Hoof size about 2 cm smaller)

The Tubbease is a soaking boot and can be used in the treatment of abscesses, thrush, white line disease and other injuries or damage to the hoof.

Simply pull the boot over the hoof and secure with the Velcro fastening.

TUBBEASE in the Paddock?

This depends on how active the horse is.

Generally use in the paddock is inadvisable, unless the horse only has access to limited space which prevents galloping around.

The producer has a broodmare prone to abscesses. This mare does wear the Tubbease soaking boot in the paddock, but this mare is the exception, and the boot is not used in the paddock for the producer’s other horses.


The use of the boot (soaking, poulticing, use with or without extra pads) determines which size will be suitable. The sizes given refer to the maximum internal diameter of the boot. This means the boot will not be suitable for a hoof with the same maximum hoof width: a 14 cm hoof will not fit into a Tubbease with a maximum diameter of 14 cm. Some users have experienced variations in the fit of the boot for different shapes hooves.

If the boot is used with an extra pad or animalintex, the extra material will have to be taken into account when determining the size.




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